Things You Need To Know!




It has come to our knowledge that there is one individual who has been posting fake reviews about IvanSkimmers.
This one person made the following fake reviews about us see the website links below to view the fake posts,


To begin first I would like to thank the people who alerted us to these reviews. This is what prompted us to give a clear explanation as to what is going on.

The creator of these fake reviews is this person here below, see a screen shot of his profile:

This man is one of the biggest ripper scammers in the dark web. He is very known by many people who he has ripped and scammed.
He ALSO goes by the name JACKSPARROW, he claims to sell GSM ATM SKIMMERS and software’s and dumps etc.
he is the owner of the following websites:

these are just some of the websites we have found that all belong to him and I am sure he has plenty more.
After doing research and pretending to be a customer (just to get an insight of how he rips and scams) we found that it is the same devices he is selling on all his website and the same ripping method this is how we know it is all controlled by one person.

See the screen shot here this is proof that all these websites are controlled by 1 person:

NOW! The main reason why he has a problem with ivan skimmers is because WE SHUT DOWN all of his websites. His websites are no longer active and everytime we shut down one of his new websites we email him to let him know that it was us IVANSKIMMERS who shut down his websites.

Why do we shut down his websites? Because he is a ripper and he is destroying the Skimming Game and making people think skimmers are not real.

He is not only mad at us for shutting down his websites but he is also mad at us because we took 4 of his customers, He had 4 customers (that we know of) who was going to buy skimmers from him but we managed to show the customers proof that he is a ripper and they no longer went to deal with him. We also messaged him to let him know we took his customers.

We have exposed this fool so many times in different Dark web forums.
Many people now know he is a ripper.

If you type his whatsapp number “+1 (646) 975-9447 ” in google you will see all the ripper reports about him. This is why he stopped promoting his whatsapp number.

See proof here of his whatsapp number linked to his account:

Now let us take a look at the reviews he made where he called ivan skimmers a ripper.

In one post he says that we are not selling a real gsm skimmer he said that we are selling something else, first of all we do not hide the fact that we sell modified Gsm Signal receiver scanners. We have made this clear on our website that we sell jail-broken reprogrammed modified GSM Signal Scanners. We even show customers where to buy the devices from on Amazon and how to jailbreak the device themselves using the software we provide.
So we ask you, how is this a rip or scam if we clearly tell our customers this?

Ok in the next video he recorded a low quality video of a fake conversation (the video was recorded in low quality on purpose so you cant read nothing but the email address [email protected] ) saying he was ripped for $100. This was funny because many people messaged him and confronted him with the fact that ivanskimmers does not sell any products for $100 so he recorded a new video saying he was ripped for $1000.

The question you must ask yourself is, if any rip took place then where is the video proof or screen shots of the rip? Where is the screen shot of the conversation that took place? Where is the screenshots of the bitcoin payment sent? THERE IS NONE BECAUSE NO RIP TOOK PLACE.

He is making these fake reviews about us because IvanSkimmers is the only vendors who show actual video proof of our gsm skimmers working in atm and we show proof of our softwares and proof of our products we have.


And he knows that all the customers will flock to us and he wont be able to rip anyone any longer. This is why he is making all these fake reviews so once you type  'IVANSKIMMERS' in google all of his fake reviews will pop up which will put you off doing business with us and then you will go to him and do business with him and that is how he will rip you.

See this other screenshot here:

this is a screen shot of the comments under one of the fake videos he made about us, you can clearly see a innocent customer asking him ‘so who is the legit person to buy from’ and he refers the innocent person to his ripper site ‘’

now see who owns the website

now see this screen shot here of what happened when the customer went to do business with ‘’

this is a common tac-tic he uses. He will pretend that he is not a seller vendor and then refer people to a email address that he controls or a website that he owns and that is how he rips them.

I will end this here with one last final thought. Why is it that all the negative reviews you see about ivan skimmers there are no screen shots of a conversation or screen shots of bitcoin payments being sent to us?

He knows that we are legit and we are hurting his ripping business that is why he is making posts about us.

Instead of paying attention to the fake negative reviews you should search google for all the positive reviews we have and search youtube for all the videos we have where customers are showing proof of receiving their orders.

If you decide to still do business with this ripper then once he rips you please send all screenshot proof to: [email protected]  so we can upload it here.